CTRL Illusion

Cover_FrontONLYCTRL Illusion by Sid Visaed

Pending release through Amazon KDP / CreateSpace this is the debut novel from Sid Visaed who describes himself as an Immortal Transhuman just waiting for science to catch up with him. A must read for fans of Artificial Intelligence, The Singularity, Genetic Engineering and Virtual reality.

“In the not so distant future the world has free energy, poverty is eliminated with health and education for all. Every fantasy can be indulged by simply slipping on a VR headset allowing individuals to live through their favourite stars eyes. Equality has been achieved and the rich manipulators exposed and stripped of their control.

All accomplished by the first sentient benevolent artificial intelligence secretly manipulating events for the betterment of mankind. It was created as the perfect system to help shepherd us through the singularity. It has no greed, no bias or hidden agendas driven only to ensure the continuation of humanity in the best world possible.

What could possibly go wrong?Brain

As it turns out quite a lot as things start unravelling for Detective Rowan Cinn as he gets caught in a botched VR stars kidnapping days before his retirement. Soon he finds himself in a world of humanity manipulating AIs, secret islands, genetic engineered hunters and sentient stars.

It’s a lot to take in while trying to deal with the small matter of why his family is vital to the future of humanity.”


Keep watching this page for the details of the release and links to the digital and printed versions.

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